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Southwest Medical Associates has been part of Southern Nevada for over 40 years, serving generations of women. Today, we’re proud to offer 25 OB/GYN providers, and that number is always growing. Our diverse group means you have choices—and our presence in the community means you never have far to go to find the provider best-suited for you. 

Our OB/GYN providers are all part of what we call the Women’s Health Program, tailored to your unique needs, no matter what age or stage of life you’re in. We offer annual well-woman exams and breast exams. We also provide contraceptive options and gynecological services. We can even perform  minor procedures in-office. 


If you’re expecting, we provide complete obstetric care and ultrasounds. We’ll help you keep track of all the tests you need, at the times you need them. During your pregnancy, we’ll monitor your well-being, and that of your baby. We’ll be there for you at every stage of your pregnancy. 

And with Pediatrics, your child will have a team from birth. We’ll carefully watch your little one’s progress with well-checks, immunizations, and the monitoring of important benchmarks. We have nine OB/GYN locations around the valley. Eight of these have Pediatrics in the same building. 

Our team is ready to get to know you, and to give you Five Diamond Care from front desk to doctor.

OB/GYN Areas of Specialty

  • Annual well-woman exams  
  • Breast exams  
  • Contraceptive options  
  • Gynecology services/surgeries  
  • Minor office procedures  
  • Obstetrical care and ultrasounds

OB/GYN Locations

2300 W Charleston Blvd
  (Please note, Charleston location will move
   to 4750 W. Oakey Blvd on March 25, 2016)        

7061 Grand Montecito Pkwy
420 N Nellis Blvd (Sunrise)
2704 N Tenaya Way
2225 Civic Center Dr
2845 Siena Heights Dr
4348 E Craig Rd
5580 W Flamingo
2210 E Calvada Blvd, Pahrump

Pediatrics in building

Pediatrics in building
Pediatrics in building
Pediatrics in building
Pediatrics in building
Pediatrics in building
Pediatrics in building
Pediatrics in building
Gynecology Only

To schedule an appointment, please call (702) 877-5199

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