What is a Primary Care Provider?

Your Primary Care Provider, or PCP, is your first point of contact to help you be healthier, diagnose and treat an illness, and generally be your advocate and guide for a better you. With a personal knowledge of your health history and records, your PCP helps you get the medicines, treatments and referrals you need for your overall health care.

You should make an appointment with your PCP for preventive exams, annual physicals, and when you need non-emergency or non-urgent care.  Your PCP will also be there for you after a hospitalization or medical event.  He/she will provide you with guidance and assistance during any recovery time or rehabilitation.

Your PCP will also refer you to specialists and request prior authorizations for any special services.  Most of our PCPs are available by E-visit, so if you have a quick question for your PCP, you can just send him/her an email.

Information regarding our PCPs can be found in our Find a Provider section.  You’ll find information on their education and any specialized training, how long they've been with Southwest Medical, their board certification status, languages spoken, and a photo.

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