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Annual patient feedback surveys

These annual surveys let us hear directly from our patients.

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Mary Ann

“Hi, I’m Mary Ann Sena-Edelen and I work in Patient Experience.

First and most importantly, we want to thank you for trusting us to partner with you for your health care needs.

Today I have some very important information to share with our Medicare patients.

“The Center for Medicaid and Medicare oversees health care organizations to insure that patients are receiving the highest quality care.

One way that they do this is by conducting 2 surveys each year.

CAHPS- Consumer Assessment of Healthcare providers and Systems

& HOS – Health Outcome Survey

“These surveys are administered to randomly selected Medicare patients each year.

We can’t be certain you will be selected to participate but we wanted to make sure you know how important this information is so we can ensure we are delivering the highest quality healthcare


Service to our patients. 

“CMS conducts the CAHPS survey in the second Quarter of each year, this survey gathers feedback from patients about their experience in the previous year.

These annual surveys give us a chance to hear directly from our patients, and measures how Medicare members perceive their health care service and experiences in the following areas;

  • Getting Appointments and Care When Needed
  • Doctors who Communicate Well
  • Customer Service
  • Getting Needed Prescription Drugs
  • And Care Coordination

Here is a sample question:

‘In the last 6 months, how often did you get an appointment as soon as you needed?’


‘How would you rate the overall healthcare?’

This CAHPS survey helps to measure how we are doing so we can make improvements for our patients.“

“CMS conducts the HOS survey in the Spring, the goal of the HOS survey is to gather valid, reliable clinical health status data in the Medicare Advantage program,

for use in quality improvement activities,

and ensuring our patients are talking with their providers about preventative health treatments”

Here to tell you more about the Health Outcome Survey

is Dr. Neil Gokal”

Dr. Gokal

“Hello, I am Doctor Gokal (title) for Optum. The Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) survey is designed to gather health status data in for use in quality improvement activities. This survey is comprised of: 1) a baseline survey and 2) a follow-up survey, measuring the change of a member’s physical and mental health status, 2 years after the base line survey”

When you have your upcoming visit with your Provider, besides the conversation regarding the reason for your visit, it is important that you talk with them about any concerns or questions you may have in the following categories;

  • Reducing your risk of falling
  • Improving bladder control
  • Monitoring your physical activity
  • Physical & mental health

These topics can become relevant to your preventative health care, year over year. If you are have having trouble with your balance or feel unsteady this can increase your Risk of falling. If you have concerns about Urinary Incontinence, or Bladder Control, talk with your provider they can discuss treatment options that will help you to maintain your active lifestyle and independence.

Also as we all get older it is important to maintain our Physical Activity witch benefits our mental and physical health. Your clinical staff and provider can provide you with information about Community centers or organizations in your local area.

Having open dialog with you provider about

  • Reducing Your Risk of Falling
  • Improving Bladder Control
  • Monitoring Your Physical Activity
  • Physical & Mental Health

Especially at the onset of any concerns or symptoms, can prevent injury and future health complications. “

Mary Ann

We appreciate your attention, we want to not only meet our patient’s expectations but to exceed them.

We can accomplish that goal when patients and healthcare professionals work together, with open honest communication.

Providing our patients with quality healthcare is our highest priority.

Thank you for watching. 


Our patient surveys measure how Medicare members perceive their health care service and experiences.