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Now, some of your primary and specialty care visits with your provider can happen wherever you are. Video visits through NowClinic© enables you to have a face-to-face video appointment with your provider, via phone, tablet or computer.

Before scheduling, call us at 1-702-877-5199 to see if your appointment is able to be accomplished with a video visit.

If your appointment qualifies, we’ll put you on the schedule. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your appointment.

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And if you need to see a doctor right now, NowClinic enables you to have a face-to-face video appointment a health care provider 24/7, via phone, tablet, or computer.

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  • NowClinic is a secure online service that lets you have an online appointment with a provider. Think of it as the modern way to have a traditional house call.
  • You can download the NowClinic app in your appstore or Google Play store, or enroll at When enrolling for the first time, make sure to enter your name exactly as it appears on your health insurance ID card.
  • 15 minutes before your appointed time, you will receive a reminder email. In it, we will send you a link to follow. This link will direct you to log in or, if you still need to, enroll in NowClinic. Once you’re logged in (or enrolled), you simply wait for your appointment to begin.

    Please note that Wi-Fi connections are preferred; 3G and 4G connections may result in poor video quality.

    For questions about using NowClinic, call 1-877-550-1515 or visit To schedule an a virtual visit, call Southwest Medical at 1-702-877-5199.

  • View our step-by-step instructions on how to log on to NowClinic and start your visit.

    Download instructions