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Together, we can make a plan.

Advance care planning will help you discuss:

  • Personal values about your health care
  • Your health and how it could change in the future
  • Your health care goals and wishes
  • Health care options if you ever need life-sustaining treatments
  • Treatments you’re willing to undergo and those you are not


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Start the conversation.

It’s better to make your wishes known sooner rather than later. It’s time to talk to your family and providers about:

  • Treatment you’re comfortable with
  • Palliative care you might want
  • Information you want to share with loved ones
  • Specific care types you desire
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Advance directives: future care decisions

Make decisions about your future medical treatment with an advance directive. It lets you state your choices for health care or name someone to make those choices for you. You can say "yes" to treatment you want or "no" to treatment you don't want.

Advanced directives

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